Résumés are one of those products for which the ignorance of the consumer is the most important factor in the market. With most such products, the problem is just the general public’s lack of information about a specialized subject. With résumés, it’s worse. There’s an exceptional amount of misinformation about résumés, and much of it is echoed by supposedly authoritative sources, not to mention your friends, relatives, and co‑workers.

There’s a lot of information for you on this site. It’s in several sections, described below. Farther down on this page the contents of each is listed, with direct links to each topic.

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Start with this section. It will change the way you think about résumés. It includes a selection of “Killer Myths”—common myths about résumés that can wreck your job search even if you do everything else right. And don’t miss the “#1 Résumé Tip”, to learn why there’s a whole world of misinformation out there about anything that pertains to finding a job.


Discussions of a number of basic résumé topics—especially questions about terminology, types of resumés, document formats, and résumé-related technology. Resume terminology can be confusing and inconsistent, not to mention that some of it is meaningless hype. Technology is a much more important aspect of résumés than most job-hunters realize, and we cover the basics here.





Questions about résumé basics: especially questions about terminology, types of résumés, document formats, and the basics of résumé technology.





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“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.… Besides, we may chance to hit upon some other obvious facts which may have been by no means obvious to Mr. Lestrade.”

— Sherlock Holmes, “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”