The term “e-résumé” (electronic résumé) does not refer to a particular résumé format or type of résumé. It is a general term for any résumé that is transmitted electronically—that is, for any résumé other than a paper résumé. E-résumés include résumés in plain-text, HTML, and PDF formats, as well as word-processor résumés (Word or, in the past, RTF) sent electronically (as they usually are, these days).

“E-résumé” may have some use as a general concept because it reminds you that making the best use of electronic résumés requires meeting a much wider range of technical requirements than paper résumés have to meet. But outside of that, it’s misleading, because the different types of e-résumés have little or nothing in common beyond the fact that they’re electronic rather than paper. They are based on different and unrelated technologies, and have different purposes. So they have very different technical requirements and must be used in different ways. Thus, learning about them means learning about each one separately. For more information about them, see the entries for each in this Résumé Encyclopedia.