(often thrown in for free)

A good professionally written cover letter has to be carefully individualized, and capable of being tailored for each job application. Generic cover letters don’t cut it—the say nothing at all about the fit between a particular applicant and a particular job, and employers see thousands of them, all essentially alike. Any cover letter that is meant to be used for any job you might apply for will have to be so generic it will be a joke. The people who read the cover letters are very, very tired of that joke.

But many résumé services produce generic cover letters. Many even throw them in for free, which is hint about how much they’re worth.

I develop individualized templates for you to use with cover letters and thank-you letters. Like the résumé, they’re designed to cover the various possibilities you might be faced with when inquiring about different possibilities, at different employers, given your own background, objectives, and priorities. I provide detailed, individualized instructions for using the template, and sample letters based on them to show you how each section can be handled. It’s a lot of work, and I charge accordingly. Here’s what several of my clients said about the results.

Recently a few other résumé services have started to offer something similar. When I started out in 2008, no-one else had anything like it.