Privacy & Confidentiality Policy


I will never sell, share, transfer, or give customer information to anyone for any reason (except the required information for payment processing).

I will never contact your employers in connection with work I do for you.

I will never disclose to anyone any personal information about you or the work Crystal Resumés has done for you, or the fact that I have done work for you.

I will never disclose to anyone any non-public information that you have given me.

While I am performing work for you, I must be able to contact you with questions, to deliver approval versions, and to follow up if I have not received necessary feedback from you. These contacts will be by phone or e-mail, and I will keep in mind your preferences about which method to use, which phone numbers to use, and what hours to call.

After your order has been delivered, because I want your feedback, I may contact you myself, no more than three times for each order you place. If I contact you for this purpose, it will be by e-mail or surface mail only, never by phone or fax. You may opt out of receiving these contacts at any time—just e-mail or phone me.

Payments & Fees

I accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, and PayPal. (See details below for PayPal payments.) I cannot accept cards issued by non-U.S. banks.


I can also accept checks or money orders sent by mail, but the delivery schedule and turnaround times cannot be set until the payment is received, and would depend on my workload at that time; actual work on your resumé won’t start until the payment has cleared.

SECURITY: I do not keep your credit-card information. At the time of the transaction, I enter it directly into the Authorize.net gateway, the same secure connection used by many merchants and banks. Crystal Resumés is also monitored and certified by Trustwave, a security firm used by leading firms in the credit card industry.

PAYMENT TIMING AND POLICIES: Payment must be received before I begin work or commit time for a project. On larger projects ($550 and over), I will accept half the fee before starting, and the other half after the in-depth interview, before starting further work. Once payment is received, orders cannot be cancelled or reduced, and no refunds will be made. (That’s because once I’ve committed time, I may have to turn down or postpone other orders because of this commitment. And top-notch custom work isn’t done by people who don’t know whether they’re going to get paid for it. All firms doing special-order work have a similar policy, for the same reason.)

But you don’t have to pay for everything else when you order your resumé. If you’re interested in optional services (cover letters, alternate-target resumés, etc.), you can wait to pay for these until you’ve seen the approval version of your resumé. As long as you order and pay for them when you give me your final approval of the resumé (or earlier), you’ll get them at the same price you would have paid if you ordered along with the resumé.

PAYPAL PAYMENTS: Be sure to make your payment right away: I can’t start work until I receive notification of payment. PayPal sends notification to me as soon as the payment has been made.

I use PayPal’s invoicing service. It’s very easy for you to use, and you don’t need to have a PayPal account. PayPal will e-mail you an invoice, with instructions.

If you prefer, you can initiate payment from your own PayPal account. You are responsible for seeing that the processing is completed properly, and the full amount is transferred. I will e-mail you an invoice, with instructions. Be sure you put the correct e-mail address in the “pay to” field. (The “pay-to” e-mail address will be specified in the invoice.) To ensure prompt and successful payment, you should choose one of the following as your PayPal funding source: 1) a credit or debit card; 2) a PayPal account with sufficient funds to cover the amount on the invoice; 3) a “verified” PayPal account (one that is linked to a bank account or credit card).

PRICES: I don’t haggle over prices. Like many specialists, I deal straightforwardly, and I expect my customers to do the same—that way, I can concentrate on my specialty, and don’t have to raise my prices to cover the time spent playing games. The more time I have to spend playing games, the less time I will have to spend on the customer’s resumé.

I know my market, I know the details of what my competitors offer, and I know what they charge. My resumé consulting and cover-letter packages involve more time and effort than those of any of my competitors that I know of. And very few can approach my level of quality.

In fact, I work more efficiently than nearly all of my competitors, since I have professional experience that most of them lack. So I can not only give better value for the money, I can give better value for the time.

Scheduling & Time Frame

Before you make any commitment, we’ll agree on a schedule in advance, including a delivery date for the approval version.

Usually, and at a minimum, I’ll need a week to prepare for your in-depth interview, and two weeks after that to get an approval version of the resumé to you for your review. Cover letters may add a day or two. I can’t do it in less (except occasionally for junior-level clients). Please don’t ask.

There are no shortcuts in quality resumé work. Done right, it’s custom work, with meticulous attention to a lot of detail—and methodical quality control. That takes time. I also have to honor my other commitments, so scheduling depends in part on my workload.

I’ll need to coordinate the in-depth interview and other contacts with you. So my timeframe depends in part on your schedule, too—on how quickly you get back to me with information needed to get started (we’ll discuss this when we first speak), on when we can schedule the in-depth interview, on how soon you can respond to the approval version, and on how many rounds of approvals are needed.

If you need to re-schedule the in-depth interview to a later date, that’s easily done, but the delivery date for the approval version will be pushed back accordingly. Re-scheduling to an earlier date is usually not possible.


Free factual revisions for 30 days:

One round of minor revisions to factual content will be made without charge if it is requested within thirty days from the date the finished work is sent to you. This policy applies only to electronic documents delivered by e-mail.

Eligibility for free revision is subject to my approval. In general, changes to factual content that don’t require redesigning or re-working any part of the resumé, and don’t require content to be pushed to another page, will be eligible for free revision. These are typically changes to your contact information, or to an employer’s name. Adding two or three words to a list of skills in a paragraph of running text may also be eligible for free revision. The following probably won’t be eligible for free revision: adding jobs to your employment history; adding new categories of information; adding new bullet items to skills lists, etc.; anything that requires redesigning part of the resumé to keep content from running to another page. Editorial and stylistic changes are not eligible for free revisions.

Note that free revisions will only be made to the copies of the documents (Word, plain-text, and PDF files) that I have retained. I do not work on electronic files altered by the customer, or sent from the customer or from any other party.

Correction of editorial and typographic errors:

I are careful about proofreading, but the customer shares responsibility for checking, at the approval stage of each project, the correctness of the information in the version delivered for approval, since that is the time when the customer must look over the work done to check for any errors in the information given to me by the customer, and for gross errors of other types. I therefore assume no liability for the correction of such editorial or typographic errors, or for the correction of other errors, beyond providing free and prompt corrections and replacement documents. Revision charges will apply to the correction of any mistaken information provided to me by the customer.

Editorial or typographic errors made by me will be corrected without charge at any time. Corrections of editorial or typographic errors made by me will usually be delivered by e-mail within about thirty-six hours.

My decision as to whether or not an error has been made by me is final. Examples of the sort of errors that I will correct for free include: a misspelled word: an erroneous number; a doubled punctuation mark; a missing word space; a missing period at the end of a sentence in running text; a bullet item running together with the previous bullet item where other items in the same list each begin a new line; part of a paragraph bumped onto the next page; a singular verb or noun where a plural is called for. Judgment calls and purely stylistic matters will generally not be counted as errors.

Other revisions

All other revisions are subject to charges. Revised files will be provided in all formats in my standard packages (Word, plain-text, PDF). Charges for revisions will be estimated on a case-by-case basis. Additional charges are made for revisions to typeset or Web resumés, or other extras. Additional shipping and handling charges apply if revised paper or media are ordered.

Sending revisions to me

The best way to send revision copy to me is as written instructions in an e-mail message. Where discussion is needed, or in the case of fairly light corrections, I can take revisions over the phone. I can also use a marked-up fax. Microsoft Word’s change tracking sometimes works well, but cross-version performance is unpredictable, and I cannot be responsible for changes sent in this way. Revisions marked in PDFs are strongly discouraged, and may entail extra charges.

Revisions will only be made to the copies of the documents that I have retained in my files. I do not work on electronic files sent by customers, or from other sources. This means that all revisions sent in Word files must be transferred to my working documents. You are welcome to send a revised Word document as long as ALL changed are marked in the document itself. So please make sure you mark the changes by highlighting the affected text or making it a different color. If you just delete something without adding new wording, highlight or color the surrounding text. Unmarked changes may be missed.


Liability is limited to free and prompt correction of editorial and typographic errors that I acknowledge as such. (See the policy on revisions, above.)




Office hours:
Monday–Friday, noon–6 Central Time
Eastern M–F 1–7  /  Mountain M–F 11–5  /  Pacific M–F 10–4


Evening and weekend telephone availability by appointment or chance.
Outside office hours, leave message: I’ll respond ASAP.

Toll-free number available on request, for customers in U.S. states outside Minnesota.
Fax number available to customers on request.

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